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Multi-targeted metagenetic analysis of the influence of climate and environmental parameters on soil microbial communities along an elevational gradient

As a result of the project MicrObs, financed by a Marie Curie IEF grant awarded to Anders Lanzén we have published the analysis of microbial communities (bacteria, fungi and protists, targeted by 16S, ITS and 18S rRNA amplicon sequencing) and plants, along an elevation gradient in the Ordesa Monte Perdido Microbial Observatory in the Pyrenees. The aim of the project is to predict the effects of contemporary and future climate change, by investigating how soil microbial communities change depending on different climate and weather patterns, and for this purpose we use an elevation gradient, spanning from 1500 to 2600 m above sea level.
Authors: Anders Lanzén, Lur Epelde, Iker Martín, Unai Artetxe, Carlos Garbisu,
Journal: Scientific Reports
Date: 20 June 2016

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