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2017 Bioinformatics Research and Education Workshop (BREW)

Last week, Anders Lanzén participated with an invited keynote talk at the Bioinformatics Research and Education Workshop in Bergen, Norway. BREW is organised annually by and for PhD students in bioinformatics from a network of universities mainly in Germany and the Nordic countries. Although only a handful of lectures except for Anders’s was dealing with environmental genomics or microbial ecology, it was a very interesting selection of presentations of very high quality. Two funny facts are that not a single speaker exceeded her time slot and that Anders, probably for the first and last time ever, looks like the shortest person on the group photo. We hope to participate in this event again in the future, and I especially recommend it for any PhD students using bioinformatics at Neiker or elsewhere that want to improve their international experience and give an oral presentation in a friendly and smallish environment of like-minded.

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